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This site is the home for a podcast and unconference hosted by Ryan Price and Kathryn Neel. We will be interviewing people who are creating awesome and interesting things that skirt the boundaries between science and art. Join us for the ride.


Composer Keith Lay and Visual Artist, Nathan Selikoff (see episode 6) co-created "Four Dimensions", a multimedia experience for full orchestra, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) and Surround Sound electronics: commissioned by and performed by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. The Wii-Mote controller in the conductors left hand both provided a way for the conductor, Maestro Dirk Meyer, to control the timing of the 5.1 Surround Sound electronics and to provide movement data for the visuals.

Four Dimensions for Orchestra, EWI and Electronics (new mix)

Nathan Selikoff is a visual artist who employs computer programming and math to create visual art, interactive pieces, sculptures and even live performances with musicians. We discuss how he came to be a professional artist, and how others can follow his example.

"...combining programming, math and science with art, design and interactivity..."

In this episode, hear about our personal projects: Kathryn's new outlet on Tweet Speak Poetry, Ryan's play at the Fringe, Processing, Github and welcoming communities.

"...mathematical algorithms to produce what I would consider artistically pleasing images"
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