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This site is the home for a podcast and unconference hosted by Ryan Price and Kathryn Neel. We will be interviewing people who are creating awesome and interesting things that skirt the boundaries between science and art. Join us for the ride.


Source Code B46 is a course for K-5 students that helps them transform a written story into an animated movie by software coding. They recently had a screening of films selected as the best in their class by peer review - the best few films from each class was screened at Otronicon and rated by a panel of judges on: statement of problem, plot, animation and creativity. The films were created by students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade in Central Florida during a 16-week course taught one hour at a time. This interview features Kyle C Steele and Sarah Stack, co-founders of the company, as well as a quick comment from fellow judge Bethany Borden of Orlando indie game studio Outhouse Games. We also play the inspirational radio play by vision-impaired third-grader Addison, titled "A Very Hard Project".

"they're excited about making the movie... we do it around storytelling."
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